Get involved

We are currently inviting partners to resource and participate in this important work. There are multiple ways to get involved: 

1.     As a participant

The Shared Realities Project convenes multiple stakeholder teams in different geographies and globally.  See below processes that are currently open for application.  

-No process open at this time 

2.     As a co-convenor 

We are looking for a small number of institutions to join us as co-convenors of the initiative. 

Together with Reos Partners, this group will have the convening power to position the project strategically, attract the appropriate participants, and draw attention to the results. 

Co-convening institutions are also invited to include at least one person from their organizations as part of the Scenario Teams.

3.     As a funder

We are seeking funding support to realize this initiative.  We believe it’s important for the early stages of funding to come from impartial philanthropic and independent sources to maintain the inclusiveness and balance of the process.  

4.     As a champion 

Champions are influential actors who are committed to learning from and acting on the scenarios and supporting their dissemination. 

They express their support for the initiative and may attend briefing/dialogue meetings, but are not necessarily members of any of the abovementioned groups. 

We request champions/endorsers to send us a paragraph quote articulating why they support the project.  

5.     As an advisor

We are interested in gathering a small group of advisors who we can reach out to for feedback on substantive matters and who may also join the global team looking at patterns across the scenarios.  


Fill out the Google form to tell us more about yourself and your interest in the project