Phase III

Global Influence

This phase represents a key innovation offered by the Shared Realities Project approach.  In Phase III, we invite diverse influencers and decision makers involved in global drivers of digital disinformation to build scenarios for the future of social cohesion in an age of disinformation.

In this Transformative Scenarios Process, the country-level scenarios, synthesis and insights form the foundations.

Phase III creates opportunities to have a different kind of discussion with global influencers by shifting attention away from (for example) the identification and management of instances of disinformation, and towards the future of social cohesion. Scenarios are effective because they are collaboratively built and well informed, create a strong sense of ownership among participants, and connect with participants on an emotional level. 

Who will participate?

Local stakeholders

Scenario teams
: 30-35 core stakeholders in each geography – from diverse sectors and spheres of influence, comprising an inclusive “microcosm” of the problematic situation. People with different perspectives and involvement both in the shared risk and in the impact.  They work together in mixed groups to build the local scenarios and identify leverage points for innovation and action.  

Additional stakeholders and local influencers will be involved through online participation, strategic communication, and collaborative innovation teams.

Global Influencers

People with high levels of influence and involvement in global drivers. They commit to learning from the outputs and acting in their sphere of influence. They participate in specially convened meetings 2x per year, receive outputs, may have tailored strategy sessions in their organizations, and will also be involved in crafting global scenarios. 


Knowledgeable content providers who support curriculum development for the Learning phase, development of audiovisual learning materials, attend some sessions, and play an advisory role to the initiative. 

How will we support continued learning and action?

A key contribution of the Shared Realities Project is the connection and accompaniment provided through a global learning platform. This platform will foster insights, collaboration, and progress across contexts by:

  • hosting global-level learning events (semi-annual influencers meeting; bringing country scenario teams together)
  • sharing country level scenarios, shared insights, new heuristics, solutions and progress
  • supporting on-going learning and action through a global network of thought leaders, champions and partners

The global platform is a force multiplier for…


  • A replicable, adaptable, scalable, and continually evolving curriculum and set of process materials
  • A network of diverse faculty supporting curriculum
  • Research support
  • Knowledge products


  • An ecosystem of changemakers locally and globally
  • An online platform and supporting technologies for knowledge generation, access, and exchange 


  • A network of global influencers who meet to reflect on outputs
  • Strategic communication support