Learning Project Reports

The Shared Realities Project aims to address the eroding relationship between truth and trust that is playing out across the globe. The project supports participants in developing new and enhanced understanding and awareness of the harmful feedback loop between social cohesion and mis- and disinformation (both on-line and off). In so doing, it works to build resilience and catalyze tangible action to shift from harmful to healthier dynamics. 

In 2023, the first iteration of Shared Realities was carried out in Tunisia, Lebanon, and Jordan, through a Learning Project. With the support of Porticus, and with the engagement of many collaborators, in each country we undertook the first steps of a systemic process to lay the groundwork for collaborative action towards healthy information ecosystems and enhanced social cohesion.

In each country (Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon), participants shared their views about the feedback loop between social cohesion and mis- and disinformation in their own contexts, and potential areas for shifting from harmful to healthier dynamics. Taken together, these observations begin to paint a picture of shared experiences and challenges, including:

  • Factors that may be exacerbating the erosion of social cohesion
  • Conditions that may be contributing to the creation and spread of mis- and dis-information
  • The ways in which mis- and disinformation may be influencing social cohesion in these contexts
  • Potential entry points for positive change. 

Read the reports below to learn more about the various insights and findings.

The reports are also in Arabic and can be downloaded below: